Update on the Manao Case

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Update on the Manao Case

Post by julioacofo on Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:26 am

Fw: E-mail forwarded

Thu, March 11, 2010 9:40:31 PM

Dear Freda,

Thanks for emailing me back my email to you. Please have
this "posted" (in the ALUMNI DISCUSSION and so with this latest email
of mine, ALL IN FULL. I don't know if the term "post" is correct.
Anyway, i just want everyone to read/access the letters. Okey as to the
Manao case. I interviwed him ten days ago. He mentioned the following:
1. it is not only him who failed to get the regular positions
(of directorship) in the Cordillera. There are more. These are some of
those: he referred me to: Atty. Jose Limmayog for Police Commissioner,
ip in the NBI (he is from Sadangga) , Renato Baquian spposed to be
Chief of Police ( Bauko) and Joel Alangsab for Assistant Director
(Police). He is based in Camp Dangwa. Atty Frisco Dumalsin, supposed to
be a judge by now.

Now here is the juicy part of it. Allegedly, the non-appointment
of these kababayans is the "work of " or due to the influence of a
local polician in Baguio who exerts influence on President Gloria Arroyo. Allegedly, this Baguio politician " exonerated" the First Gentleman
Mike Arroyo of "charges of corruption" in a Congressional Hearing.
The First Gentleman is not a public official but the charges include
"exerting undue influence to favor certain people to be able have
cornered hundreds of millions of pesos worth of goverment
projects. This way the President owes debt of gratitude to this Baguio Politician
who had continuously opposed the appointments of the above-mentioned
kababayans by the President to positions they so deserve.

A month ago the organization of Baguio residents from the Eastern
Mountain Province ( Barlig, Natonin and Paracelis was formed. An interim board of directors
was formed. Now Freda and every one, I can not write this in my column.
Am in government. The President is still Gloria Arroyo until June when
the next president would have been elected. By the way, to you our
kababayans out the just log -on to www.sunstar.com.ph /baguio/. It's the only daily newspaper in Baguio and I hope the only one "on line". It comes out every Monday.

Am sorry really for not responding immediately. I suggest that we make our petitions to the next president who will be elected by June. Am not campaigning but Executive Order 220 is a legacy of the late President Corazon Aquino. E.O. 22O with all its weaknesses gives preference to Cordillerans on government positions in the Cordillera.

Soraya, this are the emails I sent to Freda. Help me get these
"posted" on the ALUMNI DISCUSSION. my apologies for the lapses in
syntax and grammar. Got park here. My staff is waiting to use the
computer. God Bless us.



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