Greetings to Saint Vincent School

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Greetings to Saint Vincent School

Post by Saint Vincent's School on Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:34 am

Greetings Saint Vincent School;

Time passes rapidly. Our Centennial Celebration is Near I Would like to Greet Everyone Advance Happy Centennial Celebration.

Being part of this Institution which celebrates its Centennial is a great privilege.I may not be a graduate of this Institution but I felt I am one because of you're warm welcome. So all may know I graduated from a mission school too and that I seem not different. You're s truly is a Graduate of Saint Joseph High School here in La Trinidad.

The celebration is a reminder of how successfully you’ve worked together to overcome challenges and become one a great institution. From around the World Wide Web I became an adopted student of this institution. I may know a little about SVS but soon Enough I do find my way and and learn more.

We have stayed true to the four Latin words on our school seal:
"Lucem accipe ut reddas" ("Receive the light that you may give it forth”).

Truly Yours;
Ryan T. Baniaga
SVS-Alumni Website Developer
InteractiveCordillera Website Developer and Operations Manager
Saint Vincent's School
Saint Vincent's School
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