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Donating your used computer- pointers Empty Donating your used computer- pointers

Post by d'bontokinian on Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:24 am

Donating your used computer is one way of extending its useful life. But sending it overseas or taking it with you on a flight can be problematic. For instance, if you're taking your used computer on a flight you have to deal with the airline's weight limits on baggage.
So, whether you're sending your used computer door-to-door, or taking it with you on a flight, here are some suggested steps to take in order that the delicate parts won't get damaged and unnecessarily render it useless. First, if you are comfortable opening the case, disconnect all the parts inside except the power supply; otherwise have someone familiar with the inside of the computer to do the dis-assembly. The system board (motherboard), the cpu heatsink and fan assembly, hard drive, optical drive, or floppy drive (if present) has to come off including the attached cables. It should be remembered that the number one enemy of your computer parts when being handled is static electricity, so due care must be observed. Ensure that all the screws that came off from the inside of the case are accounted for and stored in a suitable plastic or paper bag to be sent together with the rest of the other parts. The processor (cpu) heatsink and fan assembly has to be stripped from the system board so that the board can be stored in a suitable cardboard box similar to a pizza pie box. The cpu can be left intact on the system board in locked position.
When all the parts have been stripped from the case the open space left can now be used to store the system board which is enclosed in a suitable cardboard box that should fit the case. The cables and screws may also be placed inside, as well as a mouse, the installation disks and other small related parts should there be some room for them. The outside cover of the case can then be replaced and screwed back ready to be packed for the journey.
The hard drive, optical drive and the floppy drive have to be hand-carried since these devices have moving parts inside them that, when dropped or mishandled, the moving parts get misaligned and render them inoperable. So, again, care should be taken when carrying them.
It is also important that the installation disks, like the operating system and other application programs be sent so that in the event that a re-installation is needed, the process is facilitated.
As you can imagine, sending your used computer has some inconveniences and other hassles, but once it has reached its destination, is re-assembled back to its original working condition and then used by a student, you'll be glad that that used computer has found some use after all instead of rusting in your attic or basement or lying in some recycling depot.
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