Minutes of Meeting: SVS AM-AMONG (December 2012)

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Minutes of Meeting: SVS AM-AMONG (December 2012) Empty Minutes of Meeting: SVS AM-AMONG (December 2012)

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Minutes of Meeting: SVS AM-AMONG (December 2012) 644019_4619473574262_494198513_n

Minutes of the meeting held among the officers of the SVS Alumni Association on October 3, 2012 @ Bontoc Market Starbucks, Poblacion, Bontoc, Mountain Province.
Pao Tumapang, President –Presiding Officer
Genevieve Sagandoy
Carmencita Magalong
Karen Lumiwes
Mellicynth Yodong
Joan Miranda

Date : October 3, 2012

The meeting was called to order 6PM with the following agenda which was presented by the Presiding Officer Pao Tumapang, President, SVS Alumni Association:
1. Treasurer’s Report
a. Alumni Account
b. Centennial Fund
2. Annual Dues
3. Alumni Am-among 2012

1. Treasurer’s Report
a. Ms. Genevieve Sagandoy presented the standing financial report as of present time
Cash in Bank: P65, 154.63 (Alumni Account: PNB Bontoc Branch)
Ms. Mellicynth Yodong motioned that the written report should be presented in a detailed format. Ms. Sagandoy answered that she has with her a detailed report but it is reflected in her book.

Agreed, that the treasurer prepare a summary report, with breakdown of cash, to be posted at the SVS Alumni FB Account and at the website maintained by the SVS webteam www.svsbontoc-alumni.org.

Agreed, that the other pledges and commitments of the different batches/ individuals for the Bishop Nel Building and other school improvements made during the SVHS 75 years celebration and SVES Centennial Celebration be followed-up.

b. The treasurer presented the financial standing of the Centennial Account which is managed by the Centennial Steering Committee headed by father John Habawel. Amount: P100,000
Mr. Tumapang motioned that 50% of the cash should be transferred to the alumni account so it will be used for other school projects and the other 50% be used for the Bishop Nel Building project. Unanimously Seconded
Agreed, to request the centennial committee for their appropriate action.

2. Annual Dues
a. The Alumni President proposed to the body the following options to facilitate collection of annual dues (P100 per member, as agreed during the July 28, 2012 Alumni General Assembly):
i. Annual dues to be collected by batch representatives and to be remitted to the Alumni Treasurer. Agreed
ii. Annual dues to be deposited directly to the back account of the Alumni then submit list and deposit slip to the treasurer thru email. Agreed
iii. Annual dues to be collected during the Alumni Am-among

3. Alumni Am-among 2012
a. Mr. Tumapang presented his plan for the Am-among Activities
December 28, 2012:
Concert for a Cause. Proceeds: Bishop Nel Building Construction
To be headed by Fr. Marcs Castañeda and Mrs. Carmencita Magalong
Ticket Prices: P20 = General Admission
P100= Donor
P1000=Major Sponsor
December 29, -main event
• Eucharistic Celebration
• Parade (after the mass)
• Program w/ ground demonstrations by SVS Students & Pupils, and faculty
• Pattong
• Picnic @ SVHS Grounds
• Pattong, continued
• Bonfire and concert
• Fireworks

Agreed, to adopt the plan of activities presented and coordinate with the school administrators, for their appropriate action.

b. Registration Fee
The amount of P50 shall be collected from each alumni attending the event (SVS Am-among 2012) to defray the food (common viand) that will be served during the lunch and other expenses of the whole event.

4. Other matters:
SVS Alumni Official Logo
Mr. Tumapang presented the logo which was designed by Fr. Marcs. It will be the official logo of the SVS Alumni Association. Adopted

5. Adjournment: 7:40PM

Prepared by: Noted:

Mellicynth D. Yodong Paulino D. Tumapang
Acting Secretary President
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