SVS Alumni General Assembly Meeting

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SVS Alumni General Assembly Meeting Empty SVS Alumni General Assembly Meeting

Post by SVS Headliners on Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:27 am

Let us not forget the upcoming important event this July 22, 2012 @ 9:30am at the Saint Vincent's High School ground.

AGENDA: Discussion of school projects, alumni activies, financial reports, and other alumni related matters...Satako am-in masasab-at!!!

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SVS Alumni General Assembly Meeting Empty Re: SVS Alumni General Assembly Meeting

Post by SVS Headliners on Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:19 pm

Hello dear Alumni,

Here is the latest update from our very own SVS Alumni Asso. President, Mr. Paulino Tumapang after the SVS General Assembly Meeting, June 22, 2012.

The meeting was quite well represented even though with few attendees. At least there were representatives between 1950's-1990's.... In his message, he said that he was very glad they came like the persons of kapitana Erlin Bucaycay, Retired Principal Maggie Fanusan, Mrs. Falag-ey, Florence Antonio, and all other key people of the church who came. He went on further that the minutes of the meeting will be posted later. But to shed light on some of the issues and some agreements. Here are the main agenda that were discussed:

"1. All alumni donations [per batch or individual] for the school must be deposited to the svs alumni assoc account [PNB: 188524600017] and the assoc will turn it over to the committee that has been created by the Parish Pastoral Council. and shall be duly acknowledge on alumni bulletin.

2. Sked of alumni international grand homecoming: 2015 in celebration of the 85 years of the high school department.

3. alumni am-among annual skeds: december (bet 26-30) and april (during Lang-ay Festival).

4. Alumni annual dues: P100 to be submitted to the treasurer Gen Sagandoy. either each batch will collect and submit to the treasurer or we will be designating area collectors (to be announced).

5. Sked of career guidance of the 4th yr. graduating studs, july 28, 2012, Ridgebrook Hotel. those who are willing to pitch-in for this project, kindly inform us... all other agreements will be posted later when the minutes of meeting shall have been finished...

The meeting started 9:50am and ended 1:03pm... salamat to all who attended. and salamat to those who were not able to come but are still willing to support our endeavors for our alma mater... god bless"

Paulino Tumapang
SVS Alumni Foundation President

SVS Headliners
SVS Headliners
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SVS Alumni General Assembly Meeting Empty Re: SVS Alumni General Assembly Meeting

Post by SVS Headliners on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:50 pm

Attendance: (Pls. refer to attendance sheet)

The meeting started with an opening prayer led by Mrs. Longi

Meeting proper:

I. Treasurer’s report:

Ms. Genevieve Lapon reported on the status of alumni fund.

CASH – 354.50
ADD: Cash in Bank - 12, 801.98
TOTAL: 13,156.48

ADD CASH DEPOSITS (cash turned over from past alumni officers)
Mrs. Chalcogen 14,000.00
Ms. Antonio 17,500.00

Ms. Gray Cee Riggs 3,000.00
Mr. Stewart Fanusan 25,297.00
Col. Allen Ocden 20,000.00
Ms. Teresita Cabradilla 5,000.00
Solicitation HS CG 2,390.00
Atty. Joseph Sagandoy 5,000.00
Cash 1,670.00
Dr. Godfrey Agcon 10,000.00
TOTAL CASH 117,013.48

Add: Bank interest 381.14

TOTAL 117,394.62
Receipts: 250.00
Tax(bank) 51.45
Service fee SVS CW 4,000.00
SVES Painting 28,297.00
Tarpaulin SVSC 1,500.00
Souvenir SVSC 17,500.00
HS Career Guidance(march 2012) 9,625.00
BALANCE 56,171.17
CASH IN BANK 56,066.67

There are still receivalbles from:
Mrs. Chalcogen: 19,000.00 (unliquidated)
75th diamond jubilee: (6,200.00)
Mr. Tangilag asked where the tarpaulin was used and Mr. Paulino Tumapang said the tarp was a donation of the alumni association to the centennial affair.
Mrs. Falag-ey inquired if the Career Guidance is part of the program of the alumni and according to Mr. Tumapang, it is an activity of the alumni for the 1st quarter. The 4th year class of SVHS were given a Career Guidance Seminar.
Mrs. Falag-ey further asked what measures have the association taken to collect the receivables and again Mr. Tumapang said the concerned people were sent communications.
Mrs. Erlinda Bucacay mentioned that before the diamond jubilee, there was also a plan to have a souvenir program and she said Ms. Paula Acofo turned over to the diamond jubilee committee because it never materialized.
The body decided to ask the attention of Ms. Paula Acofo and Mr. Claudio PAncho regarding the issue. The treasurer and the auditor were tasked to see Mr. PAnsho and Mrs. Acofo to clarify the issue regarding the souvenir book.
Ms. Sagandoy further reported that the following cash donations from the following people specified what project they want to assist:
Atty. Sagandoy – High School Laboratory
Dr. Agcon – High School Laboratory
Col. Ocden – Bshp Nel Building
Mr. Tumapang reported that the donations during the SVHS 75th Diamond Jubilee with a total of 129,360.74 which was under the care of the vicariate was turned over to the Bishop Nel building but it did not pass through the alumni financial report.
Mrs. Chalcogen said that the amount which came from Teng-ab was directly given by Fr. John to the elementary principal.
Mrs. Yodong raised if the association could ask the principal to submit a liquidation report on the said amount which is 129,360.74
The body moved to ask the secretary to make a letter to Mr. Chrisopher Chees, SVES elementary principal to prepare and submit a detailed liquidation report to the SVS Alumni association.

II. Centennial Report


Advertisement 5,880.00
Honorarium 42,670.00
Labor 1,600.00
Meals and snacks 75,345.00
Other services 910.00
Prizes 9,000.00
Stipend 2,500.00
Supplies and Materials 99,737.00
Token for ICM Sisters 1,500.00
Souvenir Book 1st payment 40,000.00
Souvenir Book 2nd payment 45,000.00
Total expenses 324,142.00

BALANCE 99,642.11

Mrs. Erlinda Bucaycay moved and was seconded by the body that the 50,000.00 from the centennial fund be moved to the alumni fund.
It was decided by the body that the association make a request to Fr. John to move the said amount to the alumni fund.

III. Career Guidance for High School Students

After a long discussion, it has been moved and seconded that the Career Guidance for 4th year students will be a yearly activity of the alumni association
For this school year, the said seminar is set for July 28, 2012
There will be a counterpart from each student of 50.00 and the rest of the fund for the said seminar will be shouldered by the alumni.
Mrs. Yodong suggested that TESDA be included in the seminar.
Mr. Tangilag inquired on the 50.00 membership of every graduating 4th year student if it is still on0going. He suggested the alumni to prepare a resolution to the school to remind them to collect.
The secretary was tasked to prepare the resolution so that there will be a basis for the treasurer to collect said fees from the school.

IV. Improvement of the High School Laboratory – the initial fund will come from the donation of Dr. Godfrey Agcon which is 10,000.00 and 5,000.00 from Atty. Joseph Sagandoy.

Mrs. Falag-ey suggested that to have a clearer record of financial matters, why not have a general fund and a special fund for the Bishop Nel.
It was agreed upon then that ALL ALUMNI DONATIONS will enter the alumni account and the treasurer will record or classify the proceeds of the funds/donations that entered the alumni account.
It was also suggested that to resolve all issues regarding the Bishop Nel Building, the officers, fc officers, ppc and principals will meet once and for all to resolve all issues coming out.
The secretary to draft a resolution addressing Fr. John regarding the resolution of Bishop Nel issues.

V. Other Matters
From the PPC Meeting which was just finished, the parish council decided to create a Bishop Nel Committee with the compositionas follows:
Chair: Christopher Che-es
Members: Michael Falag-ey, PPC President
Mr. Julian Chumacog
Engr. J. Chimicag
Treasurer: Mrs. Eufemia PAdong
Auditor: SVS Alumni Association
(Mrs. Mary Falag-ey and Mrs. Joan Agcon)
The High School Homecoming will be scheduled in 2015 to coincide with the 85th year of SVHS.
It was also agreed upon that there will be a Mid-year and year-end Am-among (general assembly) of the alumni. The first Alumni Am-among will be on December 2012.
Annual dues also will be collected in the amount of 100.00 per year effective this 2012. Collectors for the annual dues will be taken care of by batch to be submitted to the alumni treasurer.

There being no other matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Prepared by:

PRO/Acting Secretary


SVS Headliners
SVS Headliners
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SVS Alumni General Assembly Meeting Empty Re: SVS Alumni General Assembly Meeting

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