SVS Alumni Officers Meeting- Minutes

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SVS Alumni Officers Meeting- Minutes Empty SVS Alumni Officers Meeting- Minutes

Post by SVS Headliners on Fri May 24, 2013 7:20 am

Excerpt from the minutes of meeting held among the Officers of the SVS Alumni Association, High School Principal Sir Julian Chumacog and School Director Rev. Fr. Marcs Castañeda on May 22, 2013, at the Science Lab., SVHS, Bontoc, Mountain Province.

Pao Tumapang, President and Presiding Officer
Arlene Fanusan Fillag, Vice President
Genevieve Lapun Sagandoy, Treasurer
Joan Agcon Miranda, Auditor
Frances Tengay Culallad, Asst. Secretary
Hellen Lasilas Gironella, Business Manager
Carmen Wakin Magalong, Business Manager
Karen Dalis Lumiwes, Sgt. at Arms
Helen Gasmeña, Sgt. at Arms

Fr. Marcs Castañeda, School Director
Sir Julian Chumacog, Principal, High School Dept.

Letecia Dacawe, Secretary
Jamie Bacwaden, PRO
Ferdinand Castañeda, PRO
Dionne Chaokas, PRO
Mellicynth Diohen Yodong, Asst. Treas.


AGENDA: Improvement of the Science laboratory of the High School Department, converting it to an Educational Media Center and Science Laboratory.

• Initial amount to be used for its improvement: P75,000
o Breakdown of P75
P50k – to be taken from the fund raised during the Centennial Celeb
P10k – Centennial pledge of Dr. Agcon received on December 2011
P10k – Centennial pledge of Asec. Roy Manao received on April 2013
P5k – donation of Atty. Butch Sagandoy received in June 2012
• Projected amount needed for its improvement: P450,000
o Phases
1st : Improvement of the Ceiling of the Lab Room
2nd : Installation of a lavabo w/ faucets, with a working table and enough lighting and shelves. (estimated size: 8x4.5 feet)
3rd : Plumbing and Water Supply. Installation of a water tank
4th : Lighting and Painting
5th : installation of needed equipment for the Educational Media Center *
6th : Purchase of chemicals and science lab materials and equipment *

• Note * not included in the estimated cost
o All cash inflows (donations, solicitations, pledges) shall be deposited first to the SVS Alumni Account. PNB Bontoc Branch. SVS Alumni Account #188524600017.
o All batches willing to donate for this project are advised to deposit their assistance to the abovementioned bank account.
The purpose of this is for the complete documentation of cash flows and to resolve the issue on transparency
o All transactions for this purpose concerning finances or solicitations shall be centralized to the SVS alumni Treasurer Gienevieve Lapun Sagandoy. Please contact CP #: 09462863543, for any clarification or verification.
o All Cash disbursement for this project shall be solely managed by the Office of the high school principal. The officers will withdraw the needed amounts from the bank and will turn it over to the high school principal for his disbursement, subject however to the usual accounting and auditing procedures that will be facilitated by the alumni auditor.
o All (non-cash) donations shall be submitted to your batch representatives or SVS Alumni Assoc. Business Managers: Helen L. Girenella, CP #: 09307957117 or Carmencita Magalong, CP #: 09102145928, or may be brought directly to the Office of the High School principal
o For transparency, all donations shall be consolidated, filed at the SVS Alumni records, and be posted on the parish bulletin board.

• PROJECT STARTS: May 25, 2013
o Will coincide with the Brigada Skwela.
o Volunteers are welcome. Bring your own gardening tools.
o Donors for the food are welcome and advised to bring it at the high school before 11AM.

Proud to be Vincentians,
SVS Alumni Officers
SVS Headliners
SVS Headliners
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